Python Developer

We are looking for a Python developer to join our team.


– The ability to work under time pressure in conditions similar to the siege of Malbork
– Taking the initiative, showing that you are not a prince or a programming princess, you listen and talk, share your conclusions
– Knowledge of programming paradigms
– Knowledge of tools for building and compiling projects, especially in C / C ++
– No fear of compiling libraries from source
– No fear of forking OpenSource projects and transforming them into oneself
– Very good knowledge of OOP rules
– Very good knowledge of Django
– Good knowledge of PostgreSQL and SQL
– Good knowledge of JS (minimum ES5), ES6 is welcome
– Ability to create Rest API
– Working in the \* nix environment
– Ability to work with bash
– Working with data in various formats, including JSON, XML, Esri Shapefile, GeoTIFF
– Knowledge of the subject of \*\* automatic tests \*\*
– Basic skill of using Docker


– Client
– server architecture
– Understanding HTTP 1.1
– What is REST?
– Knowledge and lack of fear of working with various data formats JSON, XML, Esri Shapefile, GeoTIFF
– Python
– What is Python not good for, and why?
– What is GIL?
– How do some libraries with so
– called bindings to C
– JavaScript
– ES5 will do, but if you need ES6 (next) or TypeScript, you want to learn about them
– JS known issues, why did people hate / hate him so much?
– Why do we sometimes alias var self

When it comes to the most important technologies, you have to know or learn quickly

– Bash
– Python
– JavaScript
– PostgreSQL (including PostGIS)
– Django, including (minimum in version 1.11):
– Django Rest Framework
– Linux, preferably the Debian family
– Docker
– GeoServer, including: • REST • GeoServer API

Good to have

– knowledge of the ESRI Shapefile format
– knowledge of the GeoTIFF format
– basic knowledge of the QGiS environment
– knowledge of the PostGIS database
– knowledge of the OpenLayers library, version min. 5
– knowledge of GDAL
– knowledge of CLI GDAL
– knowledge of the GDAL API in C / C ++
– knowledge of the GDAL API in Python
– knowledge of GeoServer, at the level of automatic GeoServer configuration using the REST server client
– knowledge of client
– server services in GIS and the differences between them WMS, WMTS, TileServer, WFS

We offer

– work in a young and competent team
– full
– time work at the company's headquarters in Lublin
– continuous development and variety of tasks
– laid back contact with management

Form of employment

– UOP or B2B

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